Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A clean lap around Laguna Seca in my 2007 Cayman S

I was out for some track practice on May 31 with Trackmasters-Racing.com.  Jay at VisionWells captured some good training video for me.  My best laps were in the low 1:45 range, this once lap shown came in just above those.  My line is ok, I just need to carry a bit more speed into a couple corners (4, 5, and 9 notably).  But the Cayman did well as there were GT500s, Carreras, and Corvettes out there that day turning 1:53 and above. I will post the entire 20 minute session later, where you can get a feel for how much faster the Cayman is than many higher horsepower cars. Click on the link below to see the YouTube video:

YouTube Video Dave Cayman S Laguna Seca

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