Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Laps at Laguna Seca in Cayman S aka "The Gator"

On May 31, a clear day at Laguna Seca. Event by Trackmasters-Racing.

Unfortunately, I didn't get too many clean laps, as I pretty much overtook some other car on every lap and often had to slow or change lines to get around.  When I did get clean, the car was running great.  New Toyo R888 tires in front felt very stable, while the slightly older ones in back were a tad more slippery, giving me just the right amount of oversteer bias to get the rear-end around and point the car when I wanted to.  I managed to pass quite a few more powerful cars, a testament to great brakes and good lines.

Lap 1 overtake and pass two BMW M3s about 1:46 into lap
Lap 2, overtake and pass Porsche GT3 at about :34 and then the Porsche Turbo at 1:05 when he spins coming out of turn 6 (watch that cloud of dust, because he comes right back across the track!)
Lap 3: overtake and pass a 914-6 in cool Gulf Livery at 1:10 after corkscrew
Lap 5: from Turn 4 at 40 seconds to Corkscrew, make up 100 yards and overtake and pass a 240Z. Cayman brake superiority is evident going into corkscrew (as well as into every Turn 2)
Lap 6: catch the Carrera and Shelby (pass). Again, note brake superiority into Corkscrew is what beats the Shelby.
Lap 8 : Pass instructor in Miata going into turn 6…that was hairy!
Lap 10: catch and pass Carrera, FRS, Nissan GTR, and an Evo.

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