Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Green Car" Movement: The Gator gets new skin

I've always loved the bright orange and green colors of Porsche's GT3 RS.  I had seen a few Cayman S Sport limited editions a few years back that used those same colors, but those cars are hard to find.  So, having had a good experience with the vinyl wrap done on my daughter's car, I decided to give my 2007 Cayman S a new look.  I just picked it up yesterday from the talented guys at Vinyl Styles in San Carlos, CA, who wrapped it using Avery brand vinyl in high gloss Grass Green.  I also had the Fikse wheels powder coated in gloss black. I'm still deciding whether or not to add the side script "Cayman S" in the same way Porsche did on the stock Sport editions. Good thing this is primarily my track car, because when I do drive it on the street, I think the police won't miss any minor infractions.