Thursday, October 20, 2011

Laps around Infineon with Dave and the Cayman - Videos

These are videos shot by another driver, I am in my Cayman (with the #62), and these videos were shot from behind me by a friend also in his Cayman. The first video has some good laps once we get past a couple slow cars on the warm up laps. Too bad he ran out of memory 'cuz we went on and carved up a bunch of E30 and E36 BMW racers to finish in front.
A few laps behind Dave in the #62 Cayman

The second video is one lap when a car spun in front of me. It was an instructor in an EVO on shot tires that couldn't get away from me and went too fast into Turn 8b, spun as he came around the right turn and turned his car 180 degrees to face me. Kind of a rude awakening at 90 miles an hour. The three of us behind him pulled a good "Days of Thunder" split to go around his dust and debris. The driver of the Cayman with the video camera shouts "that was AWESOME!" Pretty funny.
Avoiding a Spinning EVO in Turn 8

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The new Chuckwalla Raceway is terrific!

I had the chance to race in the Skip Barber Series earlier this year at the Chuckwalla Raceway, outside of Palm Springs, California. As the "Dead End" signs shows, it is literally in the middle of nowhere. BUT, the track has a great surface, it runs very fast and predictable, has very few walls to worry about "off track excursions", and mostly always dry weather. If you get a chance to race there, its worth the trip!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dave and the Cayman S at Infineon 2011

This was my first time out on track with the new car, running TTA class with NASA NorCal at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma in June 2011. The Cayman is so good it makes up for lots of driver error. Hopefully, we'll get better together.

Fisker Karma - The First Iterations

Dave with Henrik at the 2008 NAIS Detroit Auto Show for the global introduction of the Fisker Karma

This was the second iteration of the car, built just after the 2008 Detroit car show. Shown here in the ballroom lobby of the Scottsdale Four Seasons

Although this car had yet to have its drivetrain installed, it proudly wore the "Q-Drive" badging, indicating the drive system developed by Quantum Fuel Systems

Fisker Karma at the January 2009 Detroit Auto Show

Here are a few shots of the Deep Ocean color on the Fisker Karma, from the Jan 2009 Detroit NAIS Auto Show, alongside the Fisker Sunset that was unveiled that day.