Monday, August 15, 2016

I like Vinyl Wraps: 2012 McLaren 12C Turns Blue

If you've read any of my prior blog posts, you may have come across the fact that I have had two cars fully wrapped in protective vinyl film in order to make a temporary color change. (see "Green Car Movement - The Gator gets a new skin" and "Pink Mini Cooper joins the garage"). One update I should have posted (and may still do so) is that we had the vinyl wrap removed from one of those cars after 3+ years and the paint underneath was a fresh as it was when the car was new in the dealer showroom.   So, yes, I am a fan of the vinyl-wrap craze (not sure if I can all it a "craze", since many people are still unaware of the possibilities for cars and vinyl-wrapping). Anyway, here's the next chapter...

I've owned my 2012 McLaren MP4-12C now for two years and about 8000 miles.  I still love this car and its capabilities on track and on road trips. And although I love the black exterior combined with the saddle/tan leather interior, I was looking to give the car a little change to create a bit more drama.  So I decided on a "wardrobe change" that would clothe the car in a vibrant blue, like the great blues of many car makers (Mexico Blue or Fistral Blue from McLaren, Sepang Blue from Audi, Adriatic Blue from Porsche, Cobalt Blue from Aston Martin, etc.).  The color chosen for mine is Gloss Intense Blue from Avery Dennison, and the car was wrapped by the guys at  Elite Auto Films in Fremont, CA.  I wasn't sure how I would like the bright blue with the saddle color interior, but  having seen a few cars done similarly, I took the plunge.  The transformation is pretty amazing, and the ability to reveal more of the car's angles and curves made it worthwhile.  Plus - I have no problem finding it in the grocery store parking lot!

As always, the great thing about a good vinyl wrap is that it gives you infinite color options, it protects the paint from chips and scratches, and it is fully reversible once you are tired of the color. Join the vinyl revolution!


  1. Hi Dave,

    Do you give tours of your garage and car collection?

    -David in Pleasanton

    1. Hi David... yes, sometimes I do so after a Cars n Coffee event at Blackhawk. Find me at one of those first-of-the-month Saturdays in the near future!

    2. Hi Dave,

      I'm planning to attend the Blackhawk cars & coffee this Sunday, 9/4.

    3. we can potentially meet up if you're planning to attend.



  2. Hey Dave, quick question for you, sorry to post here, can't find an email address: Do you have front parking sensors on your 12C? Pondering wrapping mine, but want to make sure the wrap doesn't impair them. Thanks in advance!

  3. No problem, Tyler, happy to answer that here. I do have front parking sensors, and they have been wrapped over, but it does not impair them as long as the wrap is done properly (tightly fitted - I believe the sensors should be wrapped separately when the bumper is taken off, not just wrapped over the top of the bumper).

  4. Got, thanks very much for the quick answer!

  5. This post was quite interesting for me. I just loved the transformation through these wraps. I have just got vinyl graphics on my car for business promotion and now going to get custom trade show displays too for upcoming trade expo.